About OSA

The Cheung Chuk Shan College Old Students’ Association, hereafter “the Association”, was organized by a group of enthusiastic graduates in collaboration with our Alma Mater – Cheung Chuk Shan College. It was registered as a formal organization on 4th May, 1983. The honorary supervisor and advisors are our Principal and Assistant Principals respectively. The First Annual General Meeting was held on 22nd October, 1983.


The aims of the Association are:

  • to improve the linkage and communication between our Alma Mater and the school leavers;
  • to unite the school leavers in a spirit of co-operation;
  • to promote a sense of belonging among the members to our Alma Mater;
  • to promote the general welfare of the members; and
  • to serve our Alma Mater.

Rights of Membership

All members shall have the rights:

  • to receive notices of General Meetings;
  • to attend all General Meetings with rights to speak;
  • to vote at General Meetings of the Association;
  • to propose and/or second any resolution at General Meetings;
  • to nominate, be nominated and/or to second for election to the Executive Committee;
  • to be eligible for membership of any ad hoc subcommittee of the Association;
  • to have access to the minutes of any General Meeting; and
  • to participate in functions and activities of the Association.


All members of the Association shall:

  • abide by the Constitution of the Association;
  • abide by the resolutions of the General Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings; and
  • not act in any manner detrimental to the reputation, interest and welfare of the Association.


Our constitution can be accessed with the following links:

Effective from October 2007 – May 2017:

Effective since May 2017 (Adopted after the EGM meeting dated 5 May 2017):